I asked the following question:

How to launch a long-running Python code in a Docker container running on a remote server

but I was wondering whether it would be more in-topic on Stack Overflow or Software Recommendations. What do you think? If I remember correctly, cross-posting is frowned upon in the Stack Exchange hierarchy, so if I post on another site I should first delete my question here. Correct?

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In your question, you say:

The Docker container is based on an Ubuntu image

In this recent answer about whether something is on topic or not, Zanna (a moderator), said:

TL;DR: not everything about {subject} is on topic here, but using software relating to {subject} on Ubuntu is on topic.

Note: The {subject} was originally about Bitcoin, but is just as valid when asking questions related to Python, Docker, and anything else that can run on Ubuntu.

So, given that:

  1. the Docker container is built from an Ubuntu 18.04 image
  2. you are asking for solutions related to that container (as opposed to the host OS, which is not stated)

I would say that it is on topic for AskUbuntu 🤔

  • Perfect! As a matter of fact, the question was even a duplicate, as user @muru kindly pointed out.
    – DeltaIV
    Commented Nov 15, 2021 at 8:41

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