So it is not what you are thinking

The account linked with this ask ubuntu account is going to be closed soon , It is a gmail account .( It is a child account and it is not verified )

😟 Please help

So I will soon create another Google account , So I want to merge all reputation , answers , questions with another Google account .


My account only works when I do sign in with Google , It doesn't work when I manually enter my google id and password .

Important things

I cannot sent or receive any gmail to my old account

  • Does this Meta SE question solve your issue? I'm aware that the screenshots are way out of date, but here is a screenshot of the location to press on your profile (the My Logins button)
    – cocomac
    Oct 27 at 2:52
  • @cocomac I didn't understand what that question is trying to do ? It looks more adding another account instead of merging accounts
    – Algnis
    Oct 27 at 2:57
  • Never mind it looks promising let me try that out !!!
    – Algnis
    Oct 27 at 2:58
  • @cocomac BTW I am glad to see you , You are the person who got the maximum reputation in minimum days
    – Algnis
    Oct 27 at 2:59
  • Thanks @cocomac it worked !!!!
    – Algnis
    Oct 27 at 6:20

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