I would suggest the following change to the Help Center page on "What topics to ask", under the last bullet in "Questions you should avoid":

Is changed to:

Alternate suggestion:

  • Support for Ubuntu releases past their support period (5 years after first release for LTS/Core and 9 months after first release for non-LTS) — unless the question is asking how to upgrade to a supported release

This would in my opinion make the paragraph more precise and easier to understand. And there would be no doubt, that there's only 2 time frames you should know for a release to expire here - 5 years (LTS) and 9 months (non-LTS).

The way it's phrased right now, if I was a new reviewer, and hadn't read the meta post, I would assume the on-topic period is 5 years for standard Ubuntu and 3 years for official flavors.

  • I disagree with this solely on the fact that specific 'text' links to the Ubuntu Releases list which includes the specific dates. Is there a reason that you want us to be extra verbose rather than suggest to users they check the actual dates/releases on the Ubuntu wiki and use the official dates there instead of ballparking it themselves?
    – Thomas Ward Mod
    Aug 29 at 19:34
  • 5
    There's nothing factually wrong with the current text, but I simply believe it is more likely to be misunderstood. Aug 29 at 19:38
  • 1
    Edited to make it even clearer that LTS/Core releases follow the same support cycle, as per my question on this. This also makes a stronger case for my suggested clarifications, as Core releases are not mentioned but only implicit in the current version. Sep 1 at 9:46
  • 1
    Do not see how the change would help or hurt anything so why do it?
    – David
    Sep 4 at 8:18

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