This is the contact page of Ask Ubuntu:

Screenshot of https://askubuntu.com/contact

This is the contact page of Ask Ubuntu Meta:

Screenshot of https://meta.askubuntu.com/contact

We can notice that the links which are mentioned in Ask Ubuntu contact page and Ask Ubuntu Meta page are different.

In Ask Ubuntu contact page there are links related to contacting Ubuntu and Canonical. In Ask Ubuntu Meta contact page there are links related to Facebook, Yahoo and Google.

Shouldn't the contact pages be consistent? Why are they different?

  • Meta Ask Ubuntu is for this Meta site and the StackExchange Network - The remaining "Contact" page refer to Ubuntu related support links. Below that, the form for when someone needs to have issues addressed that can't be addressed via Meta. On Meta, the proper contact is StackExchange or use the form. Why would we want Meta Ask Ubuntu to refer people in terms of 'useful links' to Ubuntu or Canonical, when the purpose of Meta is NOT the Ubuntu operating system, but the operation of the Ask Ubuntu site or StackExchange?
    – Thomas Ward Mod
    Aug 18 '21 at 0:19

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