Currently, the tag is tied to the at command for executing commands at some point later, which by itself is fine. However, there exists a naming collision with modem text commands that are called "AT commands".

On the Stack Overflow site both have their own tag, at-job and at-command, respectively.

It would be great to have tag names not conflict with different meanings between the Stack Exchange sites (there is also at-commands on Electrical Engineering for instance).

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    I don't see a context in which any questions that need to be tagged with at-command in the sense of "modem AT commands" will be on-topic here. – muru Mar 27 at 7:09
  • @muru I do not disagree. And similarly questions about the at scheduling command will be off-topic on electronics.stackexchange.com. Regardless of which subset of those two that will be on-topic on a given site, having naming consistent with other sites is beneficial. Why do you oppose that? – hlovdal Mar 27 at 16:47
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    I just don't see whatever purported benefits there might be as worth the time put into this post or these comments. – muru Mar 27 at 17:08

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