I have a question about my Ask Ubuntu post: Under Ubuntu 18.04 my Java 10 application doesn't scale with the screen

Why was my post deleted? No reason is given as far as I can see. What's wrong with the (related) question?

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I'm the one who deleted your question.

As already someone in the comments has pointed out, you should post your problem as a new question and not an answer to another question. AskUbuntu is a Q/A website and not a forum.

Stack Overflow is not a discussion forum. Most forums are largely discussion-based and tend to follow less strict rules about what posts can be like. On Stack Overflow (and Stack Exchange in general), we require every new thread to be started with a question and every response to that question to be an attempt at answering it.

from Are Stack Exchange sites forums?

You might also want to take the tour.


Ask Ubuntu or any other site on Stack Exchange network is based on Q&A model and your question was posted in answer section.

Thunderbird left a similar comment on your post.

If you have any question please post that using Ask Question button and provide the link to the already existing post(s) only if they provide any context. For more visit help center.

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