I'm not used to writing questions; but the site is offering me Similar questions above where I'm typing, but I cannot read much of the text as the right side of it is covered by the "How to format" which has a yellow background that makes text underneath it unreadable.

I cannot read all of comments on questions, or all of questions anymore at my chosen setting (100% or standard zoom) as the "Blog" and "Related" to the far right of the screens just covers the text I want to read & also makes it impossible to copy & paste into a text editor, as it won't let me copy what I want alone, but also selects the whole right side of blog/related..

If this was a change as I suspect it was, it's made the site unusable.

enter image description here

My browser is Chromium, on Lubuntu 20.04 (it reports Chromium 78.0.3904.108 snap)


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This issue was marked up on Meta.SE, indicating this issue has been fixed network wide 15 hours ago.

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