I have downloaded .exe app and trying to use WINE to RUN it using Ubuntu.

The app name includes "install" and I am getting an error from WINE " ...cannot be installed on your operating system..."

Can anybody suggest another solution(s)?

( That is the question I am asking THIS forum and looking for a answer )

PS if this is inappropriate to post here , no long-winded sermons are necessary. Just kick it out.

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  • You've been around the Stack Exchange network for 3 years now: You've posted this question on the Ask Ubuntu meta site, not on the main site, so here it's off-topic, whereas there it isn't... As you've been around for a while, and you've specifically asked for your post to be kicked out the moderator that closed your post didn't inform you of this, but now you are. Rolling back your last edit. 0:-) – Fabby Aug 11 at 11:44

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