So this question has been closed as a duplicate of 3 different questions and their answers, but IMHO none of them really answer the original question: they're just related...

Is it appropriate to reopen that (highly upvoted) question?

Disclaimer: I answered that question so not voting myself as that feels too much like a conflict of interest.


Five users voted and the question was reopened.

I think you should vote to reopen even when you’re biased. It’s a good idea to add a comment for reviewers explaining why you think the question should be reopened, how dupes don’t match etc.

Asking on meta certainly brings attention to the question and your endeavor, but it is a bit much: A VTR which puts it in the review queue should rather be the way to approach the simple question “Should we reopen this or not?”, especially if you don’t need to raise points not fitting into a comment on the question.

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