I'm curious.

Since OpenID was removed in July 2018, a Launchpad Login button appeared*. Previously, this button had appeared and disappeared over the year, which was why I got into the habit of logging in with my launchpad.net/~username URL, but now I don't need to, and it appears to be solid.

I like it.

I presume it's not OpenID, so what method are we using for SSO with Launchpad now?

Since in my research of this question I also stumbled upon discussions of old "Ubuntu SSO" vs "Launchpad OpenID", how locked in are we to this new SSO mechanism, whatever it is?

*(I don't log out very often so, outside of the OpenID removal I'm a bit unaware, forgive me if these changes have been discussed).

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The Launchpad login system in use here on Ask Ubuntu is 100% the OAuth mechanism.

The Launchpad OpenID login mechanism has been fully retired here on the Stack Exchange network; the OAuth mechanism, however, only works if you login to Ask Ubuntu first, and then elsewhere on the network, as it is not enabled for any other sites on the SE network.

(And I know this because I helped test to make sure the protocol for logins worked properly, and once we figured out the kinks in the system, it was considered 'usable' and deployed)


Launchpad's API uses OAuth, so I bet AU uses that protocol.

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    I can say with 100% certainty it is using the OAuth protocol, as the OpenID mechanism in any way, shape, or form has been fully retired on StackExchange since July.
    – Thomas Ward Mod
    Commented Sep 10, 2018 at 2:30

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