In this post, the op has used colour to highlight aspects of his question to very good effect.

How is that achieved? I can't seem to find a reference as to how it is done and the menu bar at the head of the text body doesn't provide any clues...

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    That particular instance might look good, but just as often spurious syntax highlighting could make output hard to read – muru Jul 21 '18 at 11:42
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    I doubt it helps, but as it doesn’t do any harm in this case I refrained from editing it out (by adding <!-- language-all: none --> to the post’s top). – dessert Jul 21 '18 at 11:44

I doubt this is intentional – it‘s syntax highlighting, which in this case was added automatically when the question was tagged , see its Tag Info page:

Code Language (used for syntax highlighting): lang-py

The syntax highlighting help page explains how one can add this highlighting to one or all code blocks.

Further reading:

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