I do not understand this explanation of how to get to be a student.

First question with a score of 1 or more

Is there an online manual with this info?

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I just upvoted your question. Now you should have a question with "a score of 1 or more".

While you are on this site, you will begin learning about how it works and things you can do. When you ask a question and someone gives it an upvote, you get the badge "student".

When you answer a question and someone likes it enough to upvote it, you get a badge "teacher".

To the right of the box you enter questions, you'll see 4 numbers separated by dots. Left click on those numbers and you will find some information about badges.

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Here is my approach to earning badges:

I just keep using the site, ask questions, answer questions, vote on stuff I like, edit, flag, ... and much much more.

Over time badges came in, one after the other. Mostly they were a real surprise. I had to look up what I got them for. For some of them I did not even know they existed. Some were introduced later and these were awarded to a lot of people all at the same time.

Only rarely I deliberately changed a bit of my behaviour in order to earn that badge: Altruist, Sportsmanship and Vox Populi are such examples.

But each except Tumbleweed made me a bit happy. I believe this is the main purpose of badges.

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