Please could we have the [.bashrc] tag made a synonym of [bash]. Statistics:

  • 0 questions ever
  • 0 followers ever

It is not needed.



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    There's no point to that tag, since there's bashrc. I nuked it. It will go away in about 4 hours.
    – muru
    Jul 26, 2017 at 1:29

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If any action is taken, should be made a synonym of , not of .

It's true that we don't need a separate tag . That tag is hardly used (surely some question has at some point in its life had that tag, since that's how tags are created).

But the reason we don't need it is that we have , which is extensively used. Currently it has 408 questions.

A possible, but not very good, argument for keeping a separate tag would be that it refers to the .bashrc files in people's home directories and /etc/skel, and not to /bash/bashrc. I say this is not a very good argument because:

  • We don't currently have questions tagged with it.
  • It seems unlikely that this level of granularity would be useful.

I do believe that without the dot is useful and should continue to exist separately from , which is a hugely broader topic. I think neither nor should be synonymized to .

The only reason I can see not to synonymize to is that it has no tags, so the system won't let us.

Tooltip showing the system's refusal to make .bashrc a synonym of bashrc because it does not exist in the system.

"Failed to propose synonym: The suggested tag must exist in the system before suggesting it as a synonym!"

I suppose a moderator could do it, but unless the tag comes back (i.e., unless people start tagging questions with it again), this is probably unnecessary.


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