How are questions "related" enough to become duplicates ?

I made this question

Accepting questions in other languages

An it is being marked as duplicate but I find that it is not. I'm asking about accepting answer and the duplicate is about handling.

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It really depends on the users voting on the definition of "duplicate," which is why this is a democratic process.

By definition, however, it means that the general question you've asked have already been asked and answered, and the answer for the given question should work for you.

If the duplicate target does not answer your question, you may edit your question to make it sufficiently different, or point out why the duplicate target does not answer your question. Optionally, you may appeal your case on meta, where the community at large (or one of our gods moderators) will decide on your case.

In your specific case, both questions are essentially asking "What does this site do with non-English posts?" As such, your question was closed as a duplicate, because the target answered your question as to whether foreign-language posts are accepted and how to deal with them.

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