There is a question on the parent site that has become like a forum (follow-up questions and responses posted as answers). The question is complicated because the person asking included several issues together, which txwikinger pointed out in a comment. It does appear to be on-topic, but I'm not sure it is helping anyone in its present state.

Is there anything that can be done to steer that question in a more Stack Exchange Q&A direction?

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In general, users need to be encouraged to edit their existing question (or answer) rather than adding more answers or more questions.

edit, edit, edit!

... should be your first impulse, not clicking "new question", or "new answer"


I believe that several questions can be asked in one question so long as they pertain to one specific topic: This question for instance.

However in the case above I think those questions are best suited for each their own topic. As they are each their own issue/question.

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