I recently provided an accepted answer to this question.

The OP edited the question roughly two hours later to include additional clarifications on the steps he did after following my suggestions. It mixed these details with a "thank you" comment.

It seems to me that I should simply rollback the edit. Am I correct? Or should I ask the OP to include that information inside my answer or even as a comment?

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I suggest converting the new part of the question to an answer, mentioning that it is an answer by the OP. And also mark it as a community wiki.

It is too long for a comment, but looks like a valid answer to me.

Update: I converted to an answer.

  • Ok, thanks. Actually I don't think it's an answer, or let me say it differently, I don't see what it adds to my answer apart the fact that it explicitly states to press "Advanced Scan" in TestDisk. The rest looks pretty much like mine. :-) Commented Jun 18, 2016 at 0:17

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