I tend to use Stack Overflow rather than Ask Ubuntu so although my post count is low here I do have a good appreciation of the Stack Exchange sites and asking "good" questions.

My question How Do I ReOrder The Nautilus Right-Click Menu got marked as a duplicate when even a cursory reading of my question and the linked questions make it is clear that they are not.

As I commented, the first suggested duplicate is about adding new items to the menu, the second one is about adding scripts to the menu. I asked about re-ordering the existing menu.

Those are quite clearly different questions.

How do I get my question unmarked as a duplicate?


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Asking here on meta is one way, asking in chat is another. But the best way to get your question reopened is to edit it with an explanation of why it isn't a duplicate. Comments are good but edits will put your post in a queue of potential reopen candidates.

Another good option would be casting a flag. Use flag -> in need of moderator attention and explain why your question isn't a duplicate.

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