In a weird partition creation issue where GParted didn't think my SSD was a block device, I eventually solved the issue and continued to my original goal: cloning a partition on a failing device into that new one. However, I have a lot of lost sectors. I decided to make a Python app on Github which will take the list of sectors (or raw log output from one or more common clone tools) and return a list of filenames.


Would this link be appropriate (since it's mine) and on topic (since it's not strictly part of the problem / resolution)?

  • Pro: I think it's interesting to the original question and would have potential value to readers. It would also be an insignificant portion of the total question text.

  • Con: It is really the "next step" from my question and not related to the specific question.

  • 1
    I overlooked your question at first; if the scope of your question and the scope of your GitHub project clearly differ, like it seems to be, it would be pretty unuseful to link the two; if you think your GitHub project is interesting and you'd like to share it, you should rather post an answer to a related question, if existing, or post a question / answer mentioning the exact issue you had and how you solved it.
    – kos
    Sep 29, 2015 at 4:57


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