When looking for unanswered questions, if we see one that has been answered but just in the comments, what should we do? I came across one where someone answered their question in the comments, and the poster then replied and said "thanks, that works". So I naturally went in and wrote the answer, to mark it as such. Should I mark my post as a duplicate, or something else? I was just a bit unclear on that issue.

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Have a look here first.

Disclaimer: I am not a moderator; I do not set policies, so this is just a personal opinion. (And a very obvious one) ;-)

As a new user it's always difficult: The first 50 points of reputation are hardest to get. But there are tons of things you can do to get more rep:

  • Ask good questions
  • Edit spelling/grammar/formatting/tags (all of them: don't just add irrelevant tags!) to improve the quality of the existing questions/answers.
  • Flag spam/inappropriate language/...
  • Give good answers

Having said all that: You can still leave a comment @Terrance below the specific question you're talking about and ask him personally if he minds...

  • I am unable at this time to leave comments, but I will look at ading the community wiki. Thank you for the guidance, I want to be be fair, but at the same time ensure questions are marked as answered. Very good advice.
    – Joe
    Commented Jun 30, 2015 at 14:22

You should make (if you can) a community wiki post:

In it, have this:

Answered by XYZ *link to profile) in comments (link to comment):

Comment content goes here, to explain the answer.

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