I used to easily see the questions which have not yet got any answer as they were displayed in a red circle until recently.

Now it's very hard to easily spot them, and I don't think the argument "too much orange color used in the website" can justify lack of a stronger emphasis for 0 answer questions. This problem, I think, will have an adverse effect on the overall number of answers as it puts off people who prefer focusing on unanswered questions.

I think it was a useful feature to draw attention to unanswered questions more than others already answered (accepted or not).

Perhaps it might be a good idea to bring that feature back.

For example, only the number 0 (without a circle) could be made red, or a light grey circle could be used, etc.

enter image description here


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I agree with this since I mainly focus on questions with 0 answers myself.

It was a useability decision and probably happenend with this announcement: http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/13782/minor-site-design-updates

We do still have this option: https://askubuntu.com/unanswered

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