A while back HWE for 14.04 was released and people had a bit of trouble upgrading to the new update. Which is fine and all. However, I came on site today to see this question flagged as dup to this question. I understand the first one is nowhere near appropriate seeing as how this question isn't a "how do I upgrade" but a "why isn't it upgrading" question. Some input on the matter would be nice.

  • It depends on the flagger. There's no official requirement that the original be older than the duplicate.
    – muru
    Commented Mar 23, 2015 at 6:32

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There are no hard rules on which direction close-dupes and merges should go. Quality should be at least as important as time when choosing a master question.

If there is a lot of time between the questions, it may also be worth considering that they are different issues and closing the new one may not be appropriate.

In this case, there's a difference in quality:

  • The master is researched and updated, while the dupe is just an error dump.
  • The answers (not yours) on the dupe are fairly low quality (all -1), while each of the master's seems to add something.
  • The master's answers also link out to the actual problem on Launchpad.

Objectively, the activity on the master question (despite it being hours newer) is better. I think that's why it's been closed the way it has.

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