I suspect I do not understand the mechanics of the Q&A system here - but it is puzzling just the same.

This morning I had 21 reputation and three bronze, while now I see 21 reputation and one bronze - and No questions asked - while I asked my first question on 11 or 12 January. (Actually I thought my reputation might have been 31, but very unsure now - not really something I am overly concerned about).

re: the bronze I am sure because at the bottom of my profile page it does say 21 reputation and 3 bronze.

Maybe the answer is "C'est la vie" :)

So, if you are able - please explain the mechanics. I suppose I could do a better search of the site - but you do not get reputation points for not asking it seems. And now I must also hope no negative points for asking a (potentially) duplicate question.


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You're on Meta Ask Ubuntu, Ask Ubuntu's meta site where we discuss the site's policies and the site itself. Badges and posts are separate from the main site.

Take a look at the help center article on meta for more detailed information.

  • So easy to get lost :) Thanks! Commented Jan 23, 2015 at 17:29

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