I suspect I do not understand the mechanics of the Q&A system here - but it is puzzling just the same.

This morning I had 21 reputation and three bronze, while now I see 21 reputation and one bronze - and No questions asked - while I asked my first question on 11 or 12 January. (Actually I thought my reputation might have been 31, but very unsure now - not really something I am overly concerned about).

re: the bronze I am sure because at the bottom of my profile page it does say 21 reputation and 3 bronze.

Maybe the answer is "C'est la vie" :)

So, if you are able - please explain the mechanics. I suppose I could do a better search of the site - but you do not get reputation points for not asking it seems. And now I must also hope no negative points for asking a (potentially) duplicate question.



You're on Meta Ask Ubuntu, Ask Ubuntu's meta site where we discuss the site's policies and the site itself. Badges and posts are separate from the main site.

Take a look at the help center article on meta for more detailed information.

  • So easy to get lost :) Thanks! Jan 23 '15 at 17:29

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