I was trying to post something here that had two (nonconsecutive) asterisks in the text. They ended up being replaced by spaces. How can I represent those asterisks?

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Please see this page of the help center for details on how to format your posts. Briefly, you can either enclose the asterisks in backticks: `**` (which is rendered like this: **), or you can break the flow of your text and use indentation or quote blocks (>).

I won't go into detail here since this is all explained quite well in the relevant help page.

  • Unfortunately the news about backticks isn't on that help page. I had looked there. – Paul A. Oct 20 '14 at 17:59
  • @user101815 huh, so it isn't. That one is hidden a bit deeper, true. However, if you select your text and hit the "code" button that is above the text entry field for questions and answers (the one that looks like <$>, it will add backtics around the selection. – terdon Oct 20 '14 at 18:57

If you type "\**" in your post it will be convert to "**". Then if you want to type more asterisks in your post just type "\" at the beginning of that. Like this:

This is a first ** and it's second **

that they typed

This is a first \** and it's second \**

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