This question was closed as not reproducible, but actually confirms this bug perfectly. Should it be re-opened and closed for the right reason (as a bug)?

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If you're sure it's a problem represented by that bug, answer it. I've reopened it to allow that.

I consider this a much healthier option to just shutting the question down. I've been through the reasoning before but if nothing else, it gives us a duplicate target for future questions about the same problem.

I note that in this case we're talking about a bug you reported which is still currently un-triaged and hasn't progressed at all, and (as far as I can tell from the report) hasn't been pushed upstream. There are going to be some issues. I don't think that neccessarily rules it out from being a viable answer but point out its status and what it needs to be improved (perhaps other people can help).

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  • I've turned it and Windows 8 questions into a canned comment (with Autocomment). – Isiah Meadows Aug 7 '14 at 20:28

This question was closed as not reproducible

Comment on the question:

A couple of reboots later and it has decided to start working again. I have no idea what happened here but its working again.

It was closed with the correct close reason, it doesn't need to be reopened.

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