(Intent: Targeting the correct support audience
when asking questions.)

StackExchange, AskUbuntu, MetaAskUbuntu, chat, Canonical, Wiki, feature request, wish list, bug reports, etc.

It's taken me at least 30 minutes to craft this

I'm a visual guy, struggling to get a grip on the
set up of Ubuntu's organization and its support
network. If I try to read solutions to things, it's
like listening to the Charlie Brown, teacher
talking sound

"Whu-whah, whu-whah-whu, whu-whu-whaaah."

Is there a visual treatment of the Ubuntu world,
to show how all of the Ubuntu universe fits together,
with perhaps colored boxes and lines, for example?
Okay, throw in some arrows, too, if you'd like.
Something that shows me 99-100% of Ubuntu's
footprint all at once, instead of having to take
weeks or months to put my own model together
in my head.

I haven't used support enough times to have a clear
map of things, yet I'm intimidated to ask questions
sometimes out of fear of appearing daft for not
knowing enough to target a correct support group
to ask the questions I need to ask, and not wanting
to hack away at my reputation numbers, although I will
say that the support which does come back through
whatever channel in which I originally post is almost
(if not always) supportive and understanding, even
if posted in a wrong area and needs to be redirected to
its "proper" area. That is a testament to the health
of this community.

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Here is a start, It still needs work.

Ubuntu support map

  • Thank you. Like a vulcan mind-meld, it's sinking into my brain. Jul 30, 2014 at 20:25
  • The bidirectional solve-yourself <=> reformat loop is pure genius.
    – Jason C
    Jul 31, 2014 at 2:10

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