Consider one posted question then I answered &/or commented on that question.

Now if Question is edited completely/partially then my answer &/or comment may be totally/partially wrong according to edited question.

So, How to get notify if question edited on which I answered &/or commented?

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There is actually no way of notifying repliers about changes in original post, except comments. So, if you want to get notifications about changes even if the author doesn't care about notifying those trying to help him, you should subscribe to that "topic" (i.e. make it favorite).

And, if the answer is wrong, somebody certainly will notify you either by downvoting or by telling what's wrong.


The following possibilities of alternative solution can be considered:

  1. If your answer is not suitable or wrong than visitors may replay you by commenting or downvoting. Also same for your comment (Answer is important but comment are not considered much important)

  2. You can favorite that question and later filter by favorite tab from your profile: screen1

  3. If you concern about or want to get feed for a question then you can subscribe for "question feed" from bottom-right side of page as follows:


Hope this helps to be aware by filtering/grepping!

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