The FAQ indicates that "issues with the next version of Ubuntu" aren't on topic. Should or should not a similar policy be adopted towards questions about pre-release and test kernels?

For example, 12.10 currently has 3.5.0-25-generic but this question is (partly) about "How to install kernel 3.8 from source on Ubuntu 12.10?"

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Questions about Ubuntu+1 tend to be off topic because they're speculative or relevant for only a microsecond until a bug is fixed.

I don't think there'd be the same issue with a question about updating to an unsupported version of a package... Fact is we already have hundreds of such questions and they usually get satisfactory answers.

So no, I think they're on topic.

To be clear, I'm talking about installation. If people have problems with the pre-release software, that's probably a slightly different issue.


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